Do you really know the benefits of sport on the skin? – QUINQUE | Antiinflammatory SKINCARE

No, madam, the benefits of sport on the skin are not limited to making your cheeks rosy! A radiant complexion, healthy cells, less visible signs of skin aging... If you were looking for yet another good reason to get into sport, here's something to seduce.

Where do the benefits of sport on the skin come from?

Most of the beneficial effects of a sports activity on the beauty of the skin result from a thinning of the blood circulation . Indeed, during an effort, the blood flow increases. The skin tissues are more irrigated and receive an additional portion of oxygen and nutrients . Result: the cells of the skin are entitled to a feast and regain their "strength".

Yes, sport is your best beauty partner

This renewed vitality of the cells leads to a chain reaction whose effects are visible directly on the skin. Among the benefits of sport on the skin :

  • The cells are in top form and regenerate more easily.
  • The cells “purge” themselves of some of their debris.
  • The appearance of signs of fatigue, acne marks and various lesions fades.
  • The complexion gains in glow and radiance (the highlighter, you say? what for?)

The practice of a sport would slow down skin aging

We have to believe that it would ultimately be our own sweat , the famous Fountain of Youth. A study claims that exercise would help keep skin looking younger . Even crazier: it would have an "age reverse" effect if practiced at an advanced age. Only condition: to do three hours a week . If the phenomenon remains partially unexplained, it has at least something to motivate.

Before and after sports: our advice for beautiful skin

To take full advantage of all the benefits of sport on your skin, make sure you master the right gestures on a daily basis.

  • Systematically remove make-up from your skin before playing sports. And after your session, clean it to evacuate sweat and impurities. No need to multiply the products: our Cleansing Jelly does both with a dreamy texture and a soothing CBD boost.

Treat yourself to a good night's hum to recover . Your skin will only be more radiant when you wake up. Don't forget that sleep is also beneficial to the beauty of the skin .