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At each cycle, it's the same thing. Shortly before your period, big red pimples invade the lower part of your face. In short, it's a safe bet that you have hormonal acne. Be aware that certain cosmetic active ingredients, such as CBD, can help you limit breakage.

How to recognize hormonal acne?

What is now called "hormonal acne" is acne that affects adult women . Its mechanics remain the same as in teenagers. Basically, a follicular ostium finds itself obstructed by a happy imbroglio of sebum, horny cells and various impurities.

However, hormonal acne differs from adolescent acne on several points.

  • It is cyclical: it alternates between regular push and lull phases.
  • Acne lesions mainly colonize the lower face (nose, jaws, cheeks).
  • Pimples are more of an inflammatory nature: nodules, papules, pustules.

Acne and hormones: what is the link?

Whether late or juvenile, acne is almost always hormone-dependent . For what ? Quite simply because the activity of the sebaceous glands is regulated by hormones. The main spoilsports implicated in acne are the male hormones: androgens .

Menstrual cycle, puberty, pregnancy, pill… Throughout her life, women are subject to hormonal fluctuations . And sometimes, this internal yo-yo directly affects the quality of the skin. This is why certain periods can give rise to unwanted budding.

What treatment to overcome hormonal acne?

We tend to forget it, but acne is indeed a skin disease . Therefore, only a doctor can advise you on treatment for hormonal acne. However, don't panic! You can at least integrate some good reflexes into your beauty routine.

  • Resist the temptation to grind your blackheads throughout the day.
  • Cleanse your face morning and evening, even if you are not wearing makeup.
  • Integrate very gentle keratolytic active ingredients into your care, such as lipo-hydroxy acid.
  • Protect your skin from the sun daily with a non-comedogenic SPF.

Hormonal acne and cosmetics: CBD to the rescue

Do you suspect that your pimples are of hormonal origin ? On the cosmetic side, do not make the mistake of "stripping" your epidermis. Instead, turn to active ingredients that soothe your skin while regulating its sebaceous production . No no, it's not a fantasy: it really exists.

And this is particularly the case of cannabidiol ( CBD ). It is a molecule that stands out for its ability to act on the body's endocannabinoid system. A 2014 study found it to have sebostatic and anti-inflammatory properties . The top in case of imperfections!

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