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Blackheads and imperfections: how to purify your skin?

Do blackheads and blemishes ring a bell? Back-to-school stress and pollution tend to do damage to our skin. Goodbye our beautiful tan and hello acne breakouts! But, what is the exact cause of pimples? How to avoid blackheads and purify your skin? All the answers are in this guide.

Pimples and blackheads, what are the causes?

Some skin types are more prone to blemishes than others. Several factors are involved, such as excessive production of sebum, thickening of the epidermis, poor lifestyle or even the development of bacteria. Add a dose of stress, pollution or an ill-adapted routine and it's a disaster.

In fact, everything happens at the level of the sebaceous glands located at the base of the hairs. The latter secrete sebum, a lipid film (fat) which serves to protect our skin from dehydration and to maintain its balance. It is essential to our epidermis, but an imbalance in the skin can lead to an overproduction of sebum which clogs pores and causes blemishes .

More simply : A blackhead is a comedo that forms when a pore of the skin is blocked by too much sebum and dead cells. This mixture oxidizes on contact with air and blackens. And a button?


How to avoid imperfections and purify the skin?

To avoid blackheads and blemishes , it is important to adopt a good care routine.

Forget overly aggressive products that risk stripping your skin and accentuating the problems. Instead, favor suitable active ingredients such as CBD, salicylic acid, nicinamide (or vitamin B3) and azelaic acid.

We recommend some gentle methods and proven CBD-based cosmetics .


Thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your skin

Watch out for the rebound effect! The more your skin is attacked, the more the sebum reacts to protect it. Banish cleaning methods that are too aggressive and opt instead for gentle products that clean in depth while respecting your epidermis.

For a suitable detox treatment, we recommend:

This mask eliminates all impurities from the skin, without drying it out. The use of vegetable charcoal restores its balance, eliminates excess sebum and effectively unclogs blackheads .

The little extra? During rinsing, a light mechanical exfoliation allows to take off the dead cells which accumulate in the pores of the skin. Used regularly, the mask allows you to maintain a clear complexion!

Hydrate your skin

After cleansing, always remember to moisturize your skin well . Hydration of the epidermis is essential, whether your skin is dry or oily.

To protect your skin, we recommend:

This cream moisturizes the skin of your face and protects it from urban pollution. Its light texture does not clog pores and penetrates quickly. At night, it helps restore your natural barrier.