Victoria Terceño - Entrepreneur and content creator – QUINQUE | Antiinflammatory SKINCARE

Who are you ?

My name is Victoria Carlota Terceño, I'm 30 years old and I was born in Madrid. I currently live between Madrid and Ávila. I have a two year younger sister. I like to do new projects and discover new places, I love to travel, but one of my passions is cooking, especially a good lunch or dinner for family or friends at home, followed by a long conversation after dinner where we end up dancing non-stop.

How do you define yourself in two sentences?

I am a very enterprising and restless person. I like to think of new projects all the time.

What do you do for a living ?

I'm currently running my event design and organization company, running my law firm, and right now I'm shaping two new projects that God willing will see the light of day soon. . I also create content on Instagram. An activity that I greatly appreciate and to which I would currently like to give a twist and add more varied content with a more professional approach.

What was your professional background?

I studied marketing law and obtained a master's degree in communication and fashion management.
I started as a lawyer in my aunt's office, then worked in a larger outside firm, managing two debt collection projects as a lawyer. Later, I decided to set up on my own and create the firm I currently work for.
When I got married, I discovered that my real passion was more in the world of design and event planning, so I decided to get into event design. I also really like to post fashion, beauty, food or travel recommendations on my Instagram account.

What made you realize your passion for events?

Definitely the whole process of planning my wedding and the fact that I love to plan.
I am one of those people who create whatsapp groups for new trips and take care of booking every little detail.

Your three favorite places in Madrid:

Shops: Any gourmet food market, Mestizo, Monkey Home, Apia, Abanuc, Ekseption, Isabel Marant... I have a lot but these are the first that come to mind right now. Restaurants: I love Japanese and Mexican food, I love Kabuki, 99 sushi bar, Puntarena and Barracuda. Bars: I visited Bar Manero the other day and really enjoyed it.

What three beauty products do you take with you everywhere?

My lip moisturizer, good sunscreen and hand cream.

Your first gesture of self-care each morning?

I wash my face, have a cup of tea, and go for a walk or go to my workout class.

And the last one before going to bed?

I wash my face and apply my night creams. I like to use the Quinque mask and take the opportunity to read a little and relax.

Your QUINQUE experience in three words: Innovative, surprising and 100% effective.