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Who are you ?

CRISTINA - I was born in Asturias in 1985 where I had a very happy childhood, surrounded by my parents, my sister Paloma and those who are still my great friends today. At 18, I fell in love with light and the people of Madrid, where I studied engineering, and where I found my first job. At 27, and out of love, I went to live in Singapore with my boyfriend, now my husband and father of my two children. We spent 7 wonderful years there, both personally and professionally. In 2019 we decided to return to Madrid, a city that today I call home. That year, my sister and I realized our dream of founding Augusta the Brand.

PALOMA - Paloma Rato

What are you doing?

CRISTINA - . I am the co-founder, with my sister, of the women's shoe brand Augusta the Brand. While Paloma is the creative director and takes care of all the design and product side, I take care of the management of the company.

PALOMA - I'm the co-founder of the shoe brand Augusta the Brand and I'm in charge of the creative direction and the product.

How was your professional career?

CRISTINA - A career civil engineer, my first years in the professional world were spent in this field. In Madrid I worked for 4 years in an engineering company where we designed roads, while in Singapore I worked for 7 years for the country's government managing metro projects and works. The move of 2019 into the world of fashion has been fantastic because the "product" is much more beautiful and attractive. In addition, in this new field, I can also apply everything I learned in project management.

PALOMA - I have always been dedicated to the world of fashion and for several years I worked as a buyer in different companies in the textile sector, such as Inditex or Cortefiel.

How was Augusta the Brand born?

CRISTINA - Augusta was born after some time thinking about the possibility of starting a project together, as sisters. After several years spent abroad and traveling, we still had several ideas in mind. Augusta is getting into the shoe business, because it's a product that we both like very much and, moreover, we thought that there were many new and "cool" clothing brands, but not many in this domain.

PALOMA - Augusta was created with my sister Cristina. We've always been doing things together since we were very young. During our university years, we lived together in Madrid, we organized garage sales at home, and we sold vintage clothes on Ebay. We had a lot of fun. After several years that we spent apart, each of us developing our professional careers and living abroad, we both came back to Spain, and we started to set up a serious project.

Cristina, what is the most difficult step you have to face between the moment of designing the shoe and its arrival on the market?

The whole process is quite complicated, especially in the beginning, when you are small and nobody knows your brand. But I think that, collection after collection, we are improving the processes thanks to our team and the good relationship and communication with our manufacturers and suppliers in Alicante.

Paloma, what makes Augusta's pieces so special?

I think it's the color, the freshness and the quality of the materials.

Cristina, what is the main source of inspiration for Augusta the Brand?

We follow fashion shows and collections closely, but nowadays trends go much further. Traveling or walking around any city in the world can be more inspiring than any fashion show. Instagram, Netflix, a book, a movie... Currently, we have so much information that everything can be the starting point for a great idea.

Paloma, if you had to choose just one Augusta model, which one would it be?

Impossible to choose, we love them all. But it is sure that Emilia is the model that best represents us, by which people know us.

Your three favorite places in Asturias:

CRISTINA - Salinas and its beach, MS Living homewares store, El Pañol Restaurant, in Avilés 

PALOMA - Salinas beach of course, where we were born and where our family lives. As restaurants, El Molin de Mingo, a wonderful place lost in the middle of the mountains where you can taste the traditional Asturian cuisine. Then the MS Living boutique, dedicated to tableware and the world of flowers.

Your best-kept beauty secret:

CRISTINA - I have very fine hair, so I try to sleep with my hair in a high ponytail or a bun. I wake up with a little more volume.

PALOMA - More than a secret, it's perseverance. Ever since I was little, I have followed my beauty routine strictly, both in the morning and in the evening. I don't forget a day, no matter what.

Your last gesture of care before going to bed:

CRISTINA - I'm very picky about cleansing my skin; I like to remove my make-up in two steps with two different products: first with a cleansing oil, then with a neutral soap. I can't go to bed without my cleansing ritual and a good moisturizer.

PALOMA - Drink chamomile tea just before sleeping while I read a little.

Your QUINQUE experience in three words:

Simple, fresh and clean.

Light, hydrating and neutral.