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Who are you ?

My name is Mario Ximénez, I am a journalist and creative consultant.

Can you define yourself in two sentences?

I consider myself someone who cares about my surroundings, very loyal to my friends and deeply (almost overly) emotional. On the professional side, I am passionate about all these projects that lead to certain values ​​in which I believe in them, as well as the fact of being part of something from the initial idea, to the final result.

What was your professional background?

After finishing my studies in journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid, I started collaborating with several media, then I left for London to seek a different experience. When I returned, I interned at Vogue Spain, where I had always wanted to work, and spent two years there before moving to another magazine, Harper's Bazaar. After another two years, I returned to Vogue again as culture and lifestyle editor for four years. In June 2021, I decided to quit everything to start my own creative consulting project.

What do you like most about your job?

Have the opportunity to work and collaborate with firms, platforms or projects that have values ​​that are similar to mine; and being able to help give shape to their project from scratch. I like being able to commit myself as much as possible to all stages of the creative process, from selecting talents for campaigns, scouting scenarios for photos, finding a caterer for an event... But, above all, I love the work as a team.

What is your favorite topic that you like to write about?

From a media perspective, anything that has to do with stories that haven't yet found their space to speak up and be heard. I am interested in all topics around LGTBIQ+ activism, old age or migration. And, also, everything that surrounds fashion with a social perspective beyond consumption.

A book that marked you?

'Yo, addict' , by Javier Giner.

A song you listen to every day?

Go away, by Omar Apollo.

Your three favorite places in Madrid?

Based on my calculations, there are several places where I spent hundreds of hours for various reasons: I don't even remember how many times I had the veal tenderloin from Restaurant El Recuerdo ( probably, because it's the one just below my house); I'm always ready for a drink at Cazador , Doce botellas or el Café de Ruiz; and, as soon as I have the opportunity to be spoiled, I go to Mini Shop or Sportivo .

What are the three products always present in your toilet bag when you go on a trip?

Mumbai Noise Perfume by Byredo , Dust It Mattifying Hair Powder by Ossis and a moisturizer that is not too dense.

Your first gesture of self-care every morning?

A very good friend of mine gave me a gel cleanser from Tom Ford several years ago. I still have some left.

Your experience with QUINQUE in three words.

Fresh, natural and simple.