Marine de Quénetain - Sustainable illustrator – QUINQUE | Antiinflammatory SKINCARE

How could you define yourself in two sentences?

My name is Marine, I am an illustrator committed to the planet, women and well-being. I am also a mother of two children: Sophia, 5 years old and Victor, 3 years old. I am passionate about fashion, beauty and art.

What is your journey so far?

I have been self-employed for 12 years, I started at 22 straight out of my Penninghen school. I first did the creation of visual identity, layout etc. and then I started 100% in illustration in 2015. I first started in the women's press with Grazia , then I specialized in beauty and finally, following a collaboration with a sustainable brand , I made a big ecological awareness which today has its place in my work.

How did you project yourself 10 years ago?

Ten years ago, I had my M2D2 graphic design studio with a friend, and I imagined that we would have become a large, internationally recognized art direction studio.

I've always loved reading American self-help books. What I like about the United States is their ability to think big, without setting limits. From my point of view, this is what we lack in France, this culture of uninhibited “win”.

How and why did you decide to undertake your own professional project?

When I left Esag Penninghen, I immediately started as a freelancer by founding my graphic design studio M2D2 with a friend. I'm lucky to have two entrepreneurial parents, so it gave me momentum by example. Above all, my parents trusted me right away and encouraged me to always do what made me happy. I want to talk about it because I have a few girlfriends around me who were prevented by their parents from going their own way, and I find that very unfortunate.


Do you use several different techniques to create your illustrations?

Which ones do you like best?

I use digital with a graphic tablet and also paint.

Recently, I started painting on canvas for the Outsiders Gallery based in Rouen. I love both, but I would say that I maybe like the paint work more because I appreciate its slow, almost meditative and artisanal side. There is really a feeling of working with your body away from the screens, and it's very pleasant.


What's the most interesting collaboration you've ever done?

On September 21, the Good Planet Foundation's "BON" seasonal vegetarian recipe book will be released, published by Marabout , which I had the chance to illustrate. I am also very happy with my collaboration with the brilliant influencer Louise Aubery for whom I have just created a dozen illustrations for the reissue of her book MIROIR MIROIR .

And the one you still dream of doing?

I dream of working for the environmental activist Claire Nouvian, the founder of Bloom , an association committed to defending the seabed.

And, why not, a partnership withChanel's new Literary Rendez Vous .

What do you find most interesting and fun in bringing the field of cosmetics and beauty closer to the world of art? So present in your collaborations with beauty brands.

Art and cosmetics have the common goal of beauty, harmony and the desire to do good, to recharge one's batteries.

What does the concept of “Holistic Beauty” mean to you?

For me this means beauty that takes care of you as a whole, for example the CBD you use at Quinque soothes the body and beautifies the skin.

Where do you find your daily inspiration?

On a daily basis, I mainly draw my inspiration from books, exhibitions, cinema, the fine art and fashion press, as well as on social networks: Pinterest and Instagram.

Your 3 favorite spots in Paris?

TheCenter Pompidou , Le Bon Marché and the Soho House Paris .

What are your beauty tips?

Take a large glass of water with a tablespoon of Archie cider vinegar before each meal to smooth out glucose spikes (see the book Glucose Goddess by Jessie Inchauspé ), drink 2 liters of water, avoid coffee which dehydrates the skin and gives a dull complexion, take 10,000 steps every day, and feel happy at home and at work. Also, I go out most of the time with a cap, a hat or sunscreen.

The products that cannot miss in your toiletry bag or your bathroom? 

My Estampe refillable concealer , an Oh My Cream blush , my Klorane hyaluronic acid cream and the CBD-based Quinque Cleansing Jelly .

Your Quinque Experience in 3 words:

I like the Quinque philosophy, the clean compositions, the uncluttered and durable packaging.