Javier de la Higuera - Co-founder of Sierra + de la Higuera studio – QUINQUE | Antiinflammatory SKINCARE

Who are you ?

I'm Javier de la Higuera, I'm from Madrid, and I represent one third of the interior design studio Sierra + de la Higuera.

How would you define yourself in two sentences?

As I didn't know what to say, I asked my partner Mer to do it for me:
JAVIER: Define me
SEA: This Sticker defines you very well
MER: Otherwise, I would say that you are a charismatic person and very enthusiastic about new projects or activities.
WED: To be brief
MER: You profit by making discoveries, and you analyze what you like
JAVIER: Only with the new stuff?
SEA: Yes, especially

What was your professional background? How and when was Sierra + De la Higuera born?

When I left college, I embarked on a project to start a communications agency focused on pop-up events, Better Es Mejor, with my current associates and others. After five years of designing ephemeral spaces, we wanted to start developing more sustainable projects. It was from there, in 2017, that S+DLH was born.

What is your favorite project to do?

I enjoy with all, really. Each of them constitutes a different world with the customer. Seeing the evolution and the trajectory of the company, at the same time as the projects evolve, is something that I really appreciate.
A book that had an impact on you:
The Living Spring , by Ayn Rand

A song you listen to every day?

I have a playlist that I share with my friend Niko and listen to every morning; but if I had to choose a song that I'm obsessed with this week, it would be Romance with a memory , by Oliver Slim.

Your three favorite places in Madrid?

Trattoria da Alfredo, La Parra, and Gota.

What are the three products that are never missing in your toiletry bag when you go on a trip?

A good facial cleanser, an ultra moisturizing cream and my perfume.

Your first self-care gesture every morning? And the last in the evening?

In the morning, deep cleansing of the face.
In the evening, a moisturizing facial massage.

Your QUINQUE experience in three words:

To be honest, I've always tried thousands of products, and since my skin is very dry and delicate, it always gets abrasive for me. With Quinque's Cleansing Jelly and Moisturizing Cream, I feel peace, comfort and freshness.