Guillermo Vázquez Rodríguez - Nutritionist and Personal "Eating" Trainer – QUINQUE | Antiinflammatory SKINCARE

Who are you?

I am Guillermo. A great passion for food but, above all, to be able to enjoy it with good company.

What do you do for a living ?

I am a nutritionist (or, as I prefer to define myself: “personal eating trainer”), and a communicator by profession. I always struggle between teaching people to eat well and not forgetting the pleasure of food.


What has you professional path been ?

I started working for the Coca-Cola Company over 10 years ago. After my time in the food industry, I turned to clinical nutrition and communication, where I feel like a fish in water.

What is the difference between a nutritionist and a “personal eating trainer”?

A nutritionist wears a white coat and gives you a diet. A PET accompanies you to the supermarket, teaches you how to choose food in a restaurant, how to cope with a 10-day vacation at the beach... For me, wherever there is food, there should be a PET.

What do you enjoy most about your consultations?

I love the different cases of people, and especially how many patients deal with food from an emotional perspective.

How do you know if you should consult a nutritionist?

In the past I would have said that when your physical appearance has undergone a change. Today, I think, is when neither your physical appearance nor your mental appearance is in crisis.

Do you like to cook? are you a good cook?

No not at all. I like it a lot more when someone cooks for me. I am a very anxious person, and I have no patience when it comes to cooking. Despite everything, I must say that the little I do, I do quite well.

Your favorite recipe: Potato omelet. Those who tasted it liked it very much.

What foods or ingredients do you use more in your recipes?

The bread of my breakfasts ☺

How does a nutritionist combine healthy eating with a busy social life, going out, eating out, etc. ?

It's the most complicated thing, and I admit that I let myself go a lot. I make up for it by doing a lot of sport, but there are weeks when it gets really complicated. The most important thing is to pay attention to the quantity of wine and beers, which can become the most difficult to control.

Your three favorite places in Madrid?

Sylkar to have breakfast; El Comunista for lunch and La Burlona for dinner.

Your first self-care gesture every morning?

It may seem ridiculous but, for me, it is necessary: ​​to blow my nose. I suffer from rhinitis and being able to breathe deeply as soon as I wake up is, for me, the best way to take care of myself.

And the last one before going to bed?

Put Vaseline on my lips (as I breathe badly, they are normally very dry).

Your QUINQUE experience in three words.
Special, pure and routine.