Gabriela Palatchi – Founder of Gabfoods and a true fashion enthusiast. – QUINQUE | Antiinflammatory SKINCARE

What do you do in life?

I started my own business, Gabfoods It allowed me to focus on something I love.

How come your professional life took such a turn?

My life completely changed because I fell in love with a Turkish guy. I moved to Turkey when I was 22. I, who had gone to business school and who had always worked in the fashion world, my professional future was a little uncertain. I had never stopped to think about what really excites me. After a few years of professional frustration, I discovered the three things that motivated me the most: fashion, an environment in which I continue to work today; interior decoration, Turkey, armed with magnificent craftsmen, is the perfect country to develop in this field; then finally the kitchen, and it was my husband who encouraged me to devote myself to it professionally.

How was Gabfoods born?

At home, I was always taught that to create a business you have to start from scratch, from the bottom of the ladder. So I started applying to many restaurants, without success, because I didn't speak Turkish perfectly. I decided to start my business from scratch with a minimum investment: a refrigerator, packaging and food. Gabfoods was born in 6 days, as a Diet Package Company . We delivered breakfasts, meals, dinners and snacks. The first week, we sent 100 parcels, all of which had been cooked by myself.

What is the origin of the CASA book?

I learned to cook with my grandmother, who unfortunately passed away during confinement. CASA was born through a family WhatsApp group where we shared and compiled all my grandmother's recipes. During the confinement, which I spent with a few friends, we prepared breakfast, meals, snacks and dinner together. We took pictures of everything. And that is precisely what was printed on CASA . I myself took care of all the photos, all the texts and the edition of the book.

What's CASA 's easiest and most fun recipe?

I would say that a dish of farsi duck with foie gras which is sublime. It's very easy to prepare, and it's always a hit with the guests.

What's your best beauty secret?

When I've had a long day, I make a blend of olive oil, pepermint essential oil, and epsom salts to relax and exfoliate my skin a bit.

Your first self-care gesture every morning?

I wash my face with cold water.


The cosmetics that always accompany you:

Rose water, cleanser, and a good moisturizer.

Your experience with QUINQUE in three words: Refreshing, clean and I love that CBD is its main ingredient.