Estelle Lubino - RIISE yoga & Dynamo Cycling – QUINQUE | Antiinflammatory SKINCARE

Who are you?

Estella, 31 years old.
I was born in the Paris region but I lived a little in Mexico with my mother, a little in Guadeloupe with my father.
After several years of freelancing, I decided to join the dynamo team and RIISE as Social Media and Influence Manager.
I have a passion for beauty and I take great pleasure in detecting it on a daily basis. I love to live.
I could talk about food for hours and eat for hours.
Also, I attach great importance to well-being in general, more particularly to skincare — taking care of your skin is the first step to feeling good about yourself;)

How would you define yourself in two sentences?

It's a difficult exercise but I would say lively and passionate.

Can you tell us about your professional background so far?

My background is quite atypical, I first studied foreign languages ​​thinking of being a teacher and then a translator, even an interpreter. I also have a diploma to teach French as a second language, therefore to foreigners.
Finally, I landed on the networks and learned the profession of social media in a self-taught way, I even got my first CDI via Instagram. I have worked with several brands including Bumble and Bumble, MAC and Glossier.
dynamo was also part of it and, 6 years later, I decided to join their marketing team.

What is your role in the dynamo Cycling and Riise Yoga projects?

It's a role that is divided into two parts: I'm a social media manager, so in charge of digital strategy, content and network management.
I am also in charge of influencer relations, the objective is to find influencers who can have an impact on potential customers.

You are quite active on social networks… What amuses you the most and makes you feel comfortable in this universe?

Yes indeed, I find it quite fun to share a few snippets of my daily life, I like to think that some people can relate to it or simply be inspired by it. It's quite rewarding.

Where do you find everyday inspiration?

Everywhere. But very often in my morning routine. I get up early, between 5:30 and 6:00. And the wonderful calm that reigns there in the early morning is very inspiring.

What are the keys for you to a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

The key for me is discipline. Contrary to the different motivations, it is by disciplining oneself by small things that one can develop this capacity to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle, particularly in the face of distractions.

Your best way to disconnect?

Travel alone. I recommend.

What beauty products do you always have on you?

A lip balm, a gloss and a perfumed oil. Do we ever know :)

What is your first beauty gesture in the morning?

Clean my tongue. I have a real obsession with my tongue scraper.
And the last in the evening?
The application of a face oil followed by an express gua sha massage.

Your 3 favorite spots in Paris?

Echo , Folderol and Dumbo .

Your Quinque Experience in 3 words: Texture, hydration, well-being.