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Who is Emma Sawko?

I am French, born in New York and raised in Switzerland. I am a mother of three children, I am an entrepreneur and founder of the concept store Comptoir 102 in Dubai, and of the vegan restaurant chain Wild & The Moon.

What is your journey so far?

I started my professional career in advertising. When we moved as a family to Dubai, after a few years of living in NYC, I decided to change paths to create a concept store of everything I missed there: decoration, fashion, jewelry, clean cosmetics with also a healthy restaurant, the first in the region. I loved this adventure, the success of which continues after almost 10 years. But it was out of conviction that I then embarked on vegan catering.

Why did you decide to undertake the Wild & The Moon project?

It's a step for the planet; I am convinced that this way of eating, which respects animal life and environmental issues, must be normalized.

Why did you decide to develop a parallel project in Dubai?

When I started the Wild & The Moon adventure, I was living in Dubai. Over there, eating while respecting the environment, by promoting low-energy local agriculture represents a huge challenge, a major challenge for tomorrow; it seemed obvious to me that we had to establish ourselves there. But my goal is to establish myself wherever awareness is needed to shake up our eating habits. We have therefore opened several restaurants in France, the Netherlands and Qatar, and we are continuing to expand.

You have decided to include CBD in some of your products. How important is this ingredient to you right now?

We use many plants or plant extracts for their benefits and therapeutic virtues. This is the case with CBD, which I particularly appreciate in times of stress. It relieves pain, muscle contractures, anxiety and sleep disorders. But I had never tried it as a skin product…until you

For you, the balance between indulgence, health and respect for the environment is at the center of everything. How did you come to this conclusion?

To feel good in my head, to be functional and happy, it is essential for me to feel good in my body. Nature and the way I eat are the pillars of this well-being. If I eat badly or don't take the time to recharge myself for a walk by the water's edge or a hike in the mountains, I don't feel balanced.

You like products that are 100% vegan, don't you? Has it become a real way of life for you?

Yes, I feel a thousand times better by filling up on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, fresh herbs, it's the basis of health! But today, the important thing is also to transmit, to explain why it is better for oneself, but also for the environment. It is a way of life that must be generalized urgently.

Your philosophy of life?

Doing good, as best we can...

You lived between Paris, NY and Dubai. What are the differences between these three cities? The best and worst of each?

I love these three cities. Dubai is a teenager. It's a very positive city, changing all the time and it's hard to keep up, but it's still a bit immature; and so much the better, there are plenty of things to create. Paris is the most beautiful, but the quality of life is not easy and Parisians are terribly grumpy. New York is my favorite, it is a city that cannot be explained: concrete jungle where dreams are made of…

A book ? And Nietzsche Wept , Irvin Yalom

A movie ? Almodovar in its entirety

A song ? Romeo and Juliet , Dire Straits

First selfcare gesture when you wake up?

A glass of water with a spoonful of cider vinegar or lemon juice.

And the last one before going to bed?

Same as in the morning plus a massage of the temples with a little oil and a few minutes of meditation, from time to time.

Your Quinque Experience in 3 words:

For face and body treatments, I am extremely frugal. The skin absorbs a lot of the ingredients, which is why I want them to be flawless. I don't wear makeup, but I cleanse my skin at the end of the day and apply a light serum in the morning. I like that Quinque products are simple, effective and clean .