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Who is Claire Mondray?

I'm a real southern girl. I am originally from Perpignan and moved to Toulouse almost two years ago. I like the heat, the sea and the song of the cicadas in summer. I've been creating content since 2012 and created my podcast show a year ago. I am passionate, curious and I need to nourish myself through reading, music, nature and exchanges and new encounters. It is often said of me that I have the ability to marvel at everything, to find beauty in the simplest things around me.

What is your journey so far?

After studying communication, management and marketing, I had various professional experiences. My last experience: I worked for 5 years at Gîtes de France, a quality tourism label, I accompanied owners who have projects for lodgings or bed and breakfasts, from labeling (sometimes from the renovation) to setting up in the market for their accommodation. Before I started as an entrepreneur, this period brought me a lot on a human level and helped to further develop my human and eco-responsible values, and my sensitivity towards beauty. Two years ago, just after the first confinement and a very disappointing short professional experience, I challenged myself to create a job in my image, with my talents and according to my values. It's an intense adventure that allows you to get to know yourself better and to constantly get out of your comfort zone. It's far from easy, but I feel free and fulfilled.

You often use the “slow living” concept. What does that really mean to you?

“Slow living” is a philosophy of life. It is to live in conscience and with respect for the living. It means respecting one's natural rhythm and balance in life.

How did you start the “SlowHer” project?

I work mostly with human-sized and committed brands, often created by inspiring women. I was touched by their journey, their courage and their commitments. I try to share that the best I can through the collaborations; but I wanted to go further by creating my podcast show, "SlowHer Stories", to give them the opportunity to tell their entrepreneurial story, and to transmit the commitments and messages that are important to them, to as many people as possible. . Also by sorority. These women gave me the courage to embark on entrepreneurship, they helped me to remember that, just as they do, I can feel legitimate and move mountains to give birth and bring my projects to life. That it's normal to be afraid and to doubt. With “SlowHer Stories”, I want to be a conduit of all that for other women.

What does the Podcast platform mean to you? Why did you get into it?

The podcast is a new medium that is gaining momentum every day. It is also and above all a platform that allows people to express themselves freely, to make information accessible to everyone, to share and to inspire. Podcasts also provide information, resources and support to the listener. Listening to podcasts has become one of my greatest passions, I learn so much from the shows I listen to!

Which profiles are you most interested in for your content?

Committed and passionate women with an inspiring background, who want to send strong messages and contribute to a better tomorrow through their activity.

If you could choose to receive in your Podcast any other "inspiring woman" (living or dead), who would you say?

Because recently I listened to it in a podcast, I would say Liliane Roudière, the co-Founder of Causette Magazine. I admire her career, her philosophy of life, the hindsight and reflections she has on society and its commitments.

Apart from yours, of course, what are the three podcasts you can't stop listening to?

Selecting three is difficult but right now I would say "Vlan podcast", "Metamorphosis", and "New eye".

Your three favorite spots in Toulouse?

Café Minifundi: to drink a coffee and eat the best pastries in town.
Port de la Daurade for strolling and reading in the sun.
The Chapel of the Carmelites to believe in Italy.

What are your beauty tips?

Sleep, eat enough and move daily. Have a clean skincare routine adapted to your skin. Finally and above all, succeed in feeling peaceful and cultivating joy. Nothing makes it more beautiful than that.

The products that cannot miss in your toiletry bag or your bathroom?

My tongue scraper, a make-up remover balm or oil and a gentle cleanser (always perform a double cleansing), a hydrosol (which I spray before applying my care), an eye contour, a serum, a moisturizing cream, Aloe-Vera gel and vegetable oil.

Your QUINQUE Experience in three words : light, soothing and comforting.