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Who are you ?


Fashion consultant. I work with different types of clients and creative director of my own brand The Last , a brand that is characterized by its style and design, I work with artisans from Peru and around the world to create accessories and clothes that tell a story and are modern at the same time.
Thanks to my career, I constantly travel around the world, discovering new cultures.

How would you define yourself in two sentences?

Enterprising and passionate
Curious and optimistic

What do you do for a living ?

Advice and creation in THE LAST - CBT

What is your professional background?

Born in Lima, Peru. I finished high school and at the age of 18 I decided to go to university in Milan, Italy, to study Fashion Bussiness, I stayed there for 7 years, working in different fashion sectors and for different companies.

I have also worked in Asia - Hong Kong: as a creative consultant for the ASH brand and the Mine Project art gallery and in Shanghai with the Marangoni Institute to promote art and fashion education.
I am currently based in Madrid where I continue my work with THE LAST and focus on CBT Creative, where she offers creative advice for different types of brands.

How was The Last born?

I grew up with the idea of ​​being my own boss, inspired by my parents.
I grew up in Peru and moved to Milan to study, I graduated in fashion business at Istituto Marangoni in Milan. The Last has always accompanied me while I was developing professionally as a fashion consultant and since the end of 2020 The Last is positioned in Madrid, where I now live. THE LAST, was relaunched at the end of 2020.

I created the brand in 2014 as a hobby during my studies and doing a series of Pop Up's sales in Europe. After my studies, I decided to stay in Milan to work. I worked for two brands, one Italian and one French. That's why I only dedicated myself to my brand when I returned to Lima on vacation, I created a small collection and sold it to my friends when I returned to Europe.

The name The Last appeared spontaneously and, little by little, it gave meaning to the DNA of the brand. In fact, we use it as a phrase in many of our projects, like #TheLastProjects #TheLastPlaylist and #TheLastPlaces."

What makes your pieces so special?

The Last is a design and lifestyle brand based on the slow-fashion movement. Promote the craftsmanship of Peru and different parts of the world. It is defined by the concept of timelessness, since we create around the year a series of capsule collections that represent the DNA of the brand.

Our timeless philosophy is tied to our goal of environmental responsibility. We create clothes that can be worn season after season, pieces for mothers, aunts, daughters, sisters, and more. Clothes that can be inherited in the wardrobes of different generations. And how do we do it? Our silhouette is ideal and above all loose, in standard sizes S/M and with unique but flattering patterns." The latest pieces represent my way of seeing the world and my personal style, in itself my aim is to change the mind of the consumer and to make him understand the philosophy: “Wearing a piece worked with artisanal techniques is a real luxury.” Camila.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?

To travel. My "must" on every trip is to go to the local markets: I feel like that's where I can get to know and learn the reality of each place.

In the street: watching people go by, of all ages, their clothes, their culture, their way of speaking and interacting. I consider myself very curious and always keep my eyes and ears open.

What are three beauty essentials?

Lipstick to moisturize my lips, sunscreen, serum...

Your first gesture of self-care each morning?

I wash my face, moisturize and put on sunscreen.

Your QUINQUE experience in three words: Light, fresh, hydrating