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Who are you ?

My name is Alice and I am 27 years old. I am a Pilates teacher here in Paris.

How do you define yourself in two sentences?

I am very active, open and curious. Travel and encounters are important, it's my source of inspiration. I bring an important place in wellness for my mind and body through different holistic practices and routines.


What is your journey so far?

After obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Economics and Management, I left for Australia initially for a trip. I finally decided to settle there and lived there for 4 years. I fell in love with the lifestyle in Sydney. I obtained experiences in sales and marketing to stay in continuity with my studies. Very quickly, I decided to change my environment and I embarked on a training course to teach Pilates. Back in Paris since April 2020, I dedicate myself to developing and sharing my passion for teaching practice.


How did your adventure in Pilates begin?

I was very athletic before my departure for Australia, but it was there that I discovered the practice of Pilates. In Sydney, the world of Pilates is very developed, it is very common for people to practice Pilates on machines and mats. I had the chance to participate in fabulous classes in unique studios where the practice is taught as I teach it myself today: modern and rhythmic.


What is the main difference of AlicePilates practice?

AlicePilates is a Pilates practice that combines several exercises, very dynamic and modern, where I integrate unique movements inspired by Barre, Yoga and Pilates. Classes are created to work all muscle groups in depth to work on the whole body.


How important is Pilates for our well-being?

Pilates is a long-term beneficial practice, it helps to strengthen us to help us in our daily tasks, improves our posture and our alignment. It is a practice that requires concentration, we manage to connect both our body and mind. A good practice to be more resistant, or even relieve pain and bad thoughts!


Your favorite spot to practice it?

By far in Sydney where I had the best studio experiences. Otherwise, I love practicing it at home.


Your life philosophy?

Positive attracts positive!


If you had to recommend three cool spots in Paris?

Ten Bells for the best coffee;Bambino for the best dishes to share and finish on the dance floor; and finally, best breakfast, at Gramme Paris , where you can find well-prepared but simple and delicious dishes. For shops, nothing beats strolling through the Marais, with all the second-hand clothes that are opening right now. Crush on Nuovo , ridden by my friend Liza.


What are your beauty tips?

Proper hydration is essential. I am very simple in my beauty routine, a good day cream in the morning. My skin is quite sensitive with the pollution here in Paris, so I make sure to cleanse my skin well before going to sleep and apply an evening cream or serum.


Your last gesture of self-care before going to bed?

I love filling my face with a layer of moisturizing cream. Also, I often use a serum oil that I apply with my rose quartz roller to drain and lift my face.


Your Quinque experience in three words:

Simple, effective and natural.