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It is the creativity and the cosmopolitan spirit that inspire us at Sofia.


Who are you?

Sofia, 26, Portuguese from Lisbon. I do ceramics and I work with a production agency (Arthur and Philippine) for brand shoots.

What is your background so far?

I grew up all my life in Lisbon where I attended a French school (Lycée Français Charles Lepierre) from my 3 years old to my 18 years old. That's why I speak French fluently.
Then, in 2014, I came to do an Erasmus in Paris at the Sorbonne Paris IV. I stayed there for an internship and finally returned to Lisbon.

I did a master's degree in cultural mediation and I wanted to work between art and fashion which have always been my two passions.
In September 2019, I moved to Paris to work in freelance fashion. I immediately understood that the fashion world was not for me.
The first confinement opened my eyes a bit and allowed me to invest more in my creative projects, especially in ceramics.

During the second confinement I went to do a ceramic residency at La Folie Barbizon for a month and since then I have more and more orders and projects! I had an exhibition on April 1-4 Rue de Turenne in the Marais but it was postponed to June normally ...!

How did your ceramic adventure begin?

I started ceramics while finishing my master's degree in cultural mediation in Lisbon. I started without any pretension, taking classes here and there, just for the fun of it and finally it became a passion.
Then, I did the first year of the intensive ceramic diploma at AR.CO, a very good art school in Lisbon.
I started posting my creations on my Instagram account and then I started selling them.
I participated in an exhibition in Paris, place des Victoires and I had my pieces on sale at Merci for 3 weeks. Otherwise, in Lisbon I participated in several pop ups and private sales .

You've been living in Paris for some time, what are your three favorite spots?

I go very often to Saint-Gervais (Rue Vieille du Temple) and to Progress (Rue de Bretagne) have a drink at the end of the day. It's not very original but good!
I love going to my friend's restaurant, Máncora , a cevicheria Peruvian near my house or at Barav for small dishes to share. For the shops I like Thank God I'm a VIP for Vintage pieces and otherwise I really like make brocantes and the Saint-Ouen market .

And in Lisbon?

In Lisbon I very often go for a drink at the end of the day in the garden next to my house, Jardim du Principe Real, or otherwise at the Loucos e Sonhadores bar in the evening. For restaurants I love going to the beach (in Caparica) to eat a fish (Posto 9 or Princesa ), or going to Ultimo Porto in Lisbon for lunch in the sun.

In the evening I like going to Passarinhos for a traditional Portuguese dish or otherwise Água pela barba , more modern but excellent!
My favorite shop in Lisbon is Vida Portuguesa : only traditional Portuguese products, ceramics and decorative pieces etc. Really charming!

A book: Just kids - Patti Smith

A film: Chungking Express - Kar-Wai Wong

One track: Right down the line - Gerry Rafferty

Your philosophy of life: "Living from day to day"

What are your beauty tips?

Drink lots of water, ice cubes on your face in the morning and sleep well! But I'm not very disciplined.

In your bathroom, what are your three essentials?

A moisturizer. Especially since ceramic dries the skin a lot! A good shampoo for my fine hair and a good makeup remover.

Your experience QUINQUE in three words:

Refreshing, radiant and energizing.

Find inspiration at Sofia: @sophieml