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Who are you?

I am Paloma Herce, journalist and publicist.

And I think saying that I'm a journalist is what defines me best. I like to tell stories.

What is your profession ?

I write articles and reports on fashion and lifestyle for publications such as Telva , In Style , Elle ... I have also written for publications such as Traveler , Tapas , Cosmopolitan and Harper's Bazaar . I have two sections on the radio and I also manage the communication strategy for certain brands. I worked on the content coordination of a project for RTVE , I'm also starting to work as a stylist for a very cool digital project with a friend... I do a thousand things and I really like my job.

How was your professional career?

I started writing for El Economista when I was 19 and from there I spent my summers on the radio on Onda Cero and COPE, although I was already writing fashion for the magazine Must! now gone. In the meantime, I also worked as communication manager for model Laura Ponte's showroom. I was also a copywriter for an advertising agency with brands such as Pedro del Hierro, Cortefiel, Loewe or Cabreiroá. When I finished my degree, I was hired by Harper's Bazaar and started working as a freelancer, although in the meantime I worked full-time in the international section of COPE. Since then, I have been an account manager in a communication agency, I have collaborated with many magazines... I have even participated in fashion conferences as an expert and people contact me as a consultant. .

Three books everyone should read: Tokyo Blues by Haruki Murakami, The Long Sandy Road by Pier Paolo Passolini and Paris Was a Party by Hemingway.

Your three favorite spots in Madrid:

Three only, it's difficult!
I like Toni 2 - great memories I have had there - it's great for a drink. I really like the Taschen shop in the old Santa Rita haberdashery on Calle Barquillo. And finally, I like to dine at Fayer's very much.

What three beauty products go everywhere with you?

Collagen, which I recently received on a press trip, a good cleanser and moisturizer that works for me day and night.

Your first gesture of self-care each morning?

Washing my face with soap after getting it wet to wake me up. Then I use my QUINQUE cream . And if I remember, collagen or whatever moisturizer I have in my bathroom.

And the last before you go to bed?

I wash my face with soap, which I always have in the shower. I use a natural cleanser with activated charcoal and aloe vera.

Your QUINQUE experience in three words: The super cute cream. I like the effect it leaves on the eyes.