Benedetta Perazzo - Fashion Stylist & Creative Consultant. – QUINQUE | Antiinflammatory SKINCARE

Who are you ?

I am Benedetta Perazzo, stylist and designer. Fashion lover, traveling and I love trying new things in the cities I go to. I'm finally getting back in motion and there's nothing that excites me more than enjoying my passions
around the world.
Places and people are a great source of inspiration.

What do you do for a living ?

I am a stylist, creative consultant and content creator; I work for brands and magazines and I'm also developing my own project - top secret for the moment - which links fashion to other areas that interest me.

Our values ​​will be the same as Quinque's; for me, nothing is more important than well-being, physical and mental.

Tell us about your professional background...

My studies were very varied, I started with languages ​​and ended with a master's degree in fashion and beauty communication.

In the meantime, I studied styling and visual merchandising. I'm always involved in something, I never get tired of learning, even if it's during my internships that I learn the most. I started assisting stylists in Milan during fashion week and worked in communication agencies and showrooms for luxury brands like Burberry and Max Mara in London and Paris. I learned something from each job and now I try to put it all into practice in the development of my project.

The best experience?

Vogue Spain, where I found myself when I moved to Madrid in 2016. Magazines, especially paper ones, have a special charm. Now I don't just do paper and I'm involved in many different projects, which also has its own fascination. I am happy and I think I have succeeded in doing what I wanted to do, a job so varied that I will never get tired of it.


Of all the styles you've created, which brings back the most memories?

My first job was assisting Sara Fernández, former fashion manager at Vogue Spain and my mentor, the first person in the editorial industry to give me a chance. I was super excited but also very very nervous and I think she got it. I also remember my first campaign as a stylist for a very exclusive Italian brand, Caftanii. I was in charge of everything: from production to creative direction and it's still one of the most beautiful projects I've done.

Your biggest source of inspiration?

I love "looking", noticing details, whether it's people on the street, artwork or costumes in movies. My passion is cosmopolitan cities where there is a lot going on at all times and where you can always find inspiring places and people.

Your three favorite spots in Madrid:

MISIA - A trendy little corner of the Chueca district.

La Colectiva - a cafe that serves one of the best lattes and matcha coffees in town. It's my favorite little spot, where I go to have my breakfast and work alone many days. It's a place where I can relax and concentrate, and everything is vegan, but they don't talk about it much and nobody notices.

La Marca - A concept store that combines fashion, especially sports brands, with beauty and lifestyle products. It also has a cafeteria ideal for a healthy and tasty meal. Since it's located in the showroom, it saves my life many days when I run from place to place and don't have time to go home to cook.

Your best kept beauty secret?

Deep cleansing with make-up remover milk to remove the last traces of make-up and pollution, followed by a few sprays of soothing tonic. It refreshes my skin and makes it ready for the last care gesture of the day.

Your last gesture of care before going to bed?

Massage in a restorative cream or a very nourishing mask with a pleasant fragrance. I have sensitive and dry skin and this gesture regenerates it completely. 

Your QUINQUE experience in three words: Honest, restorative, efficient