AURELIA DEL SOL - Dreamer, traveler, entrepreneur par excellence and c – QUINQUE | Antiinflammatory SKINCARE

It is the positive energy and her enthusiastic spirit that inspires us at Aurelia.


Who are you?

My name is Aurelia Delsol. Dreamy, curious, ambitious, I have a passion for travel, music, movement.

Daughter of expatriates, I quickly understood that observation, adaptation, listening were going to be my best friends.

What is your background so far?

With a double master's degree in communication and marketing, after starting out at orange and Mazarine, I quickly understood that I wanted to be self-employed and create in my own way and even create my profession.

I created my first box Je suis Bonne in 2015 around the pillars Bien Eat Bien Bouger Bien Vivre, a site and a hidden apartment in which I offered brunches "just like at home" and classes Yoga in small groups.

Then comes the co-creation of another place of life, The apartment that wants you well "Chez Simone"

The adventure ended in early 2018 and I flew to Australia. I trained there in Yoga and Ayurveda 200 hours (In Bali) then in Byron Bay 500 hours.

I specialized in facial yoga (UK training) and finally I trained in Face Sculpting Massage and currently in Quantum Face Lift, a method combining Chinese medicine, acupressure

How did your yoga adventure start? What about facial yoga?

Yoga has gradually made a bigger and bigger place in my life. Whether on mat or off mat :)

It has become a healthy lifestyle, like facial yoga. It's not something I have to do but a pleasure, a moment when I refocus, I realign myself.

My relationship with yoga has evolved since I started. My yoga and Ayurveda training in Bali also had a real impact on the approach I had.

And that does not stop changing too, over the meetings, in life :)

What is Face Soul Yoga? And for whom?

Face Soul Yoga is a holistic practice, which is good for the face, body and soul.

A clever mix of facial movements, self-massage, acupressure, breathing to discover or rediscover your face, to remove masks.

How important is facial yoga for the skin?

Facial yoga balances, harmonizes the face, the body. The skin is one of the body's greatest emunctories. Understanding this makes it possible to no longer strip it at all costs but rather to listen to it, to understand it. Facial yoga helps to tone the face, to keep radiance but above all to reconnect with oneself and this is why it is essential.

We move our body, we stretch, we massage ourselves so why the face too? And especially that on the face there are meridians, energetic points connected to our organs. With our hands, our fingers we have the power to do good, to "heal"

Your favorite spot to practice yoga?

Wherever I can put my carpet but facing the sea remains my greatest pleasure :)

"I have 2 sentences that stick to my body and my heart:

“Do things seriously without taking themselves seriously. "

"Life is joyful acceptance of reality. opening

In my moments of doubts, or of losing my bearings, I always come back to it "

What are your beauty tips?

Less is more :)

  • Breathe
  • Laugh
  • Let yourself live
  • And always (as often as possible) to marvel

It wakes up our child's soul and makes the face luminous :)

In your bathroom, the three products that you can't do without?

A serum from Dr Barbara Strum

An eye contour by Ole Henrisken

Jojoba oil with rosebuds d e Hana Kana

Your Quinque experience in three words:

I love the texture of this eye contour which can be used as a mask. Having a very reactive skin, I dare to use eye contour products which always irritate me a little. And here just hydration and softness.

"A real treat in a jar"

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