At QUINQUE we believe that cleansing and moisturizing make skin glow. Our CBD products are your gender-neutral bathroom essentials.

Zubi is our equivalent for your wardrobe. With basic pieces they make your wardrobe simple and cool.
Yes yes, this collaboration brings together the essentials for your skin and your wardrobe. Who said it was only a toiletry bag? Use it as a handbag and it will be the piece that will not leave you this summer!

Spanish and French know-how came together for this project.

Mercedes, of Spanish origin and French at heart, is the founder of QUINQUE. It formulates and manufactures all our products in France. With Zubi we worked hand in hand with Spanish craftsmen from photos taken by the Zubizarreta sisters, founders of Zubi around the world.

These kits have changed our skin and our wardrobe. Now, it is your turn.

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