Ylenia López-Llata ​​- Dietitian, nutritionist and globetrotter. – QUINQUE | Antiinflammatory SKINCARE


Who are you?

Yle for anyone who knows me :)

How do you define yourself in two sentences?

Someone very sensitive, passionate, with great values ​​and at the same time with a cold and distant appearance (not at all real). I'm crazy about beauty in all its variations and I'm able to get excited about the slightest thing.

What is your profession?

I'm an entrepreneur: I have an online psychonutrition method ( ylenia-lopez-llata.com ) that I work with patients around the world on their toxic relationship with food and where I teach them not to mix emotions with food or what amounts to the same thing: to love each other very much and well. And then almost 4 years ago, with my partner and friend Jesu, while I was living in Seattle, we created Cuckoo B a brand of accessories that we design ourselves and that artisans around the world shape by hand , piece by piece, until we find our timeless treasures for today's woman.

What was your professional background?

I worked for 3 years in the scientific department of an agri-food consulting company, then I created my own practice as a dietician/nutritionist - nutritional coach in a clinic with various specialties. At the same time, I started working in a prestigious clinic that mainly dealt with food addiction in a multidisciplinary way, with group therapies and individual consultations with different specialists. From there, I created my online psychonutrition method when I moved to New York. Two years later in Seattle: Cuckoo B , my accessories brand. Currently, I am very happy to combine the two companies or "my babies" as I call them, because they fulfill me completely and because on my small scale, I consider that I make a lot of people very happy, not only because I change the lives of my patients, but also because with my brand, those who wear my pieces feel stronger and I give visibility and a voice to many artisans who were not listened to.

Two tips for a balanced diet?

Ignore 98% of what you read and just learn to listen to your body. And if you don't know how to do it, ask someone who can really help you. There are many "gurus" out there who just lead you into ridiculous and unsustainable beliefs and habits. Less modernity and more meaning. Ultimately, eating well is an exercise in self-love and it has to start there...

What book do you recommend to learn how to eat well?

None, or one that isn't about the food itself but more about how to heal yourself well with common sense without dying in the attempt. For example: " Ser Feliz in Alaska " by Rafael Santandreu.


Your three favorite places in Madrid (shops, restaurants, bars...)

Club Matador to meet friends or relatives because I feel at home, Paseo del Prado with all its museums, I love art and I will always say yes to any exhibition, and walk along from there, stop for tea at the new Ritz Mandarin Oriental hotel and its Palm Court lounge.

And from Santander?

A shop: of course, Percha Espacio Bahía , a large temple where you can find treasures from the best brands. The Botín Center to walk around, have a drink with its views and see its exhibitions, and a restaurant, a classic: Restaurante Cañadio .

What three beauty products do you take with you everywhere?

A sunscreen, whether in summer or winter, a concealer for dark circles under the eyes and a liquid tint that gives me a good tone on my cheeks, my eyelids and even my lips.

Your first gesture of self-care each morning?

I put on a great song on my way to the shower and another while I'm getting ready.

Your QUINQUE experience in three words: comfortable, moisturizing and I will repeat :)