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Nerea Alós

"I have super hydrated and radiant skin after a month of using QUINQUE products"

Benedetta Perazzo

"I love how the Hyaluron Booster Serum leaves the skin hydrated and plumped up. In addition, after a few months the texture of my skin is really changed"

Alice Pilates

"It's a simple, effective and natural routine. I love it"


"I find the texture super pleasant and in addition, it does not dry out the skin and leaves it clean and soft"

dove herce

"I have very unpleasant skin and I love how this serum is not sticky. It provides the necessary hydration without leaving it greasy"

Sofia de Leitao

"It's a refreshing, radiant and energizing experience. I recommend"

White PCR

"If I had to talk about QUINQUE in three words: COMFORTING, REVITALIZING & FIRMING. I love the two masks: the purifying one and the one for the eye contour"

William Rodriguez

"I've been using QUINQUE's moisturizer all summer. It's great, it hydrates a lot but it's not sticky and it doesn't stay on the skin. I love it"

Mireia Borras

"When I do sports the only cream I use is that of QUINQUE. In addition I love the fresh feeling on the skin after using the jelly"

Clara Ten

"QUINQUE is consistency, lightness and pleasure. I'm a fan of the moisturizer"

Inés Ybarra

"The cream is light and hydrating. It absorbs quickly. It's essential so that the pores can breathe and you don't live with an oily face"

Miguel Carrizo

"The most natural little moisturizer, Quinque, I've found so far! QUINQUE in three words: Natural, cocooning and clean"

Marine de Quénetain

"I like the Quinque philosophy, the clean compositions, the sleek and sustainable packaging."s.

Álvaro Naive

"QUINQUE is a restorative, relaxing and effective experience. I could eat the cleansing jelly it's so soft"

Ylenia López Llata

"These are simple and effective products. A moisturizing and comforting experience, I will repeat without a doubt"

Victoria Terceno

"Every evening I wash my face and apply my night creams. I like to use the Quinque mask and take the opportunity to read a little and relax"

Camila Basurco

"Every morning I wash my face, moisturize with QUINQUE and put on sunscreen"

Diana - The Fripperie

"I always start by washing my face, then I apply a good layer of super moisturizing cream."

Xin La Fripperie

"In the morning, I take a shower to wake up and put the moisturizer on very quickly. In the evening, I also take a shower and apply a layer of moisturizer on my face, hands and lips"

dove mouse

"My ritual in the evening: Drink a chamomile tea just before sleeping while I read a little."

Cristina Rato

"I'm very picky about cleansing my skin; I like to remove my make-up in two steps with two different products: first with a cleansing oil, then with a neutral soap. I can't go to bed without my cleansing ritual. cleansing and a good moisturizer."