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Message from our Founder


It's not about looking younger but about aging better.

"It's not about looking younger but about aging better. The beauty industry is no longer there just to make us beautiful but to take care of our skin, to feel good about ourselves and to learn to love us."

Mercedes, pharmacist and founder of QUINQUE.

After my studies in pharmacy and cosmetics, and a few years spent in this industry that fascinates me, I develop a range of natural cosmetics that are as effective as conventional cosmetics.

For the past few years, I've lived in different cities, large and small, with varying climates and even though I love it, my skin has never gotten used to it. So I decided to create a range of products for all urban and “rushed” skin types that lack attention and time.


Clean-ical & Effective
skin care

Natural treatments boosted with active molecules to take care of all urban skin types. The perfect balance between the best of natural cosmetics and the effectiveness of scientific cosmetics.

Mercedes, pharmacist and founder of QUINQUE, has been studying skin biology and cosmetics formulation for over 10 years. Passionate about the beauty industry, Mercedes has assembled the best team of dermatologists and scientists to take care of your skin.

A radical change for all sensitive, blemished or dehydrated skin.

Our goal is to formulate EFFECTIVE products to get RESULTS for your skin.

"My skin is so unrewarding and difficult to manage that I had to develop the perfect products to put an end to my skin problems. QUINQUE has totally changed my skin and the way I deal with blemishes".

Mercedes, pharmacist expert in skin biology and founder of QUINQUE.


Nature and science come together in our products

1. Exclusive scientifically proven formulas developed by our pharmacist and founder. You won't find it anywhere else!

2. Effective and natural products with powerful active molecules.

3. At least 95% of the ingredients of natural origin carefully dosed so that they work in synergy.

4. A simple and unisex range.

5. The results of conventional cosmetics with scientific natural cosmetics.