ARMANDO MESÍAS - Born in Cali, Colombia, companion of Natalia Swarz an – QUINQUE | Antiinflammatory SKINCARE

Simple artistic works of a unique soul that arouse and transmit a hurricane of emotions. If you don't have the pleasure of knowing them yet, I invite you to discover them @armandomesisas

Who are you?

I am Armando, artist based in Madrid.

Your professional career so far?

I started working in Colombia, as an artistic director for musical projects and as an illustrator and painter. Gradually, I made more room in my life for personal exploration of my work, and moved to London, initially to study. After living and working as a full-time artist in Barcelona, ​​I moved with my wife to Madrid, where I currently have my studio, from where I do most of my work.

What themes do you like to explore the most while working?

There has always been a very strong component of nostalgia, memory, the passage of time, as well as identity and consciousness. These themes take on different faces when they materialize in my work, but I think there has always been this common root.

A sold work that you will never forget?

A few years ago, I made a diptych of 2 portraits of 2 meters each; one from my father and one from me. I was very intrigued to reconcile this great figure that has been in my life, the way I see myself reflected in him, but at the same time how I am and how I should try to be my own person. Getting rid of it, despite the high emotional burden, was part of this process.

Of all the places you exhibited, which one brings back the best memories? Why?

Probably Lisbon in 2019. I had some kind of love affair with this city for years, and the process of work and exhibition was loaded with a lot of the energy of the city, so that I didn't feel like I had taken something out of my studio and brought it there, but to have had a dialogue with the environment.

Your three favorite art galleries in the world:

The Palau de Casavells by Miquel Alzueta in Catalonia.
Gallery Ground in Brooklyn and Los Angeles
Sunday-s in Copenhagen

The three places in Colombia that no one should miss: The Pacific, Providencia, Cali.

The last healing gesture you do before going to bed:

Kiss my wife, nothing gives me more peace.

In your bathroom, what are the products that never fail?

Grown Alchemist cleanser, Le Labo shaving cream and aftershave cream, and my latest addition, Quinque anti-pollution moisturizer. < br>

Your experience QUINQUE in three words:
Natural, light, soothing.